Stephie Peeka & The Seeking7's energetic and powerful live performances have already seen them play on 2 continents, in 5 countries, starting 2003 in Boston and 2004 in NYC. As of Autumn 2007 Stephie played an acoustic punk set Upstairs at Edwards in London, followed in 2008 at Dublin Castle, Camdentown with Jeff Armstrong & Rose Dewitt and 2009 the much loved 12 Bar Club, every year to 2015. Stephie & Rose have done shows in Montreux at Freddie Mercury's Statue and Denmark as well as multiple shows at Madame Claude in Berlin, and White Trash Fast Food. Other Germany performances include Subway To Peter in Chemnitz, and sets in Kulmbach, Hassfurt, Zeil, and Frankfurt. London shows including the Hope & Anchor, George & Vulutre, Powers Bar, Hoxton Cell, as well as guerilla sets at Abbey Road Studios, Freddie Mercury's and the Brandenburger Tor among others! Stephie Peeka is the songwriter on vocals/guitar. Seeking 7 rhythm section is Jeff Armstrong and bass player, Sean McLaughlin, accomplished musicians bringing a powerful groove and since 2008 on piano/vocals, Rose Dewitt who is opera/classically trained and from Germany. Her vocal harmonies and keyboard playing gives the team another dimension whether performing as a duo or 4 piece make the songs something special and outside the box. The music sounds influenced by old and new, a blend of ROCK N ROLL, punk and alternative with an unpredictable twist at times but always catchy songs with a positive vision. "alt indie post punk new a real 80s Joan Jett/Elen Foley meets Pat Benatar thang going down with the vocal and the music rocks a warm analogue vibe referencing early Bowie and Queen influence, with punk rock always in sight…. glam rock meets The Clash!" THE DUBLIN CASTLE, LONDON UK

The band are inspired by Queen, The Clash, David Bowie, The Beatles, The Jam, Oasis, The Libertines among others.

Albums: The Unicorn: release August 1, 2014 SEEKING 7 Records worldwide USA, Japan, Australia:

CD Baby, iTunes,

UK: HMV, Amazon

Germany: Amazon, iTunes

Inside The Big Picture: release  Jan 1, 2007 No Bull Rock N Roll Record CD Baby

SEEKING 7: release Jan 1, 2003 RecoGnize Records  CD Baby

Also on spotify.

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