I asked Wolfram Stutz of Verlag Leben in der Sprache publishing to review our new album...

and he, being the completely inspiring, great writer / poet he is, kindly chose to share his reflections of our
music this very cool special way in both languages. Thanks English, danke for sharing your gift and thoughtful fab heart.
Some Impressions from hearing The Unicorn:
I am touching a soul, which is exuding life energy
I am meeting a mind, which is rebelling against tiring routine and cold anonymity

I hear a voice, which gives sensitive vibrations,
to explode suddenly in a timeless cry!

"I could love you!" is proclaiming this voice.
"In the same room with me you are still in another world," tells this voice.
"I would like to give you my heart as a gift-will you keep it well?" is asking this voice.
And it's asking further: "Are you really, how it seems to be?"

I feel good energetic influences.
I am gliding over into a dreamy-visionary mood.
I'll change my life.

(My experiences with The Unicorn from Seeking 7)

Stephie Peeka
Unicorn Dream:

Ich begegne einer Seele, die Lebendigkeit verströmt.
Ich treffe einen Geist, der gegen ermüdende Routine
und kalte Anonymität rebelliert.

Ich höre eine Stimme, die im Körper sanft vibriert,
um plötzlich mit kraftvollem Aufschrei zu explodieren.
"Ich könnte dich lieben!" verkündet diese Stimme.
"Im selben Raum mit mir bist du dennoch in
einer anderen Welt", konstatiert diese Stimme.
"Ich möchte dir mein Herz schenken -
wirst du es gut behandeln?" fragt diese Stimme.
Und sie fragt weiter:
"Bist du wirklich das, was du zu sein scheinst?"

Ich werde energetisch aufgeladen.
Ich gleite in eine träumerisch-visionäre Stimmung hinüber.

Ich werde mein Leben ändern.

(Erfahrungen mit The Unicorn von Seeking 7)

Wolfram Stutz and Stephie Peeka at The North Sea, Blavand Denmark.


Chat! with Kleine Birken in Schland #Germany about music, inspiration, our new album The Unicorn,
chokky, cynics, tea, my guitar, London, Denmark, Germany, Boston, New England, guerilla gigs, and more! Enjoy.

"That being said, I could tell you who inspired my songwriting but when certain names get said I've had people lose their minds in protection or loyalty to bands we all love! Is it because a female wrote it and plays guitar? Is it them not wanting to admit that bothers them? I don't know. They may not hear these bands in the music at all and so they do scream bloody murder. But that's cool. Songs belong to the people. They are out there to be heard. And once that happens, we personalize them and they become ours. So what. I also am like that too! And if I say Mick's (Jones) guitar riff made me feel this idea and Joe's (Strummer) firing off these words rang a bell in me that made me put these words to paper, then, well, what of it. Freddie Mercury is a one of a kind voice; obviously!!! but if I love and learned from him, somehow that's in the music also. So how should that be to you? Of course no one will ever sound like him!!!! I'm here to do my best and I can only ever be me. That's all." 

The Seeking 7 sound gets compared to Joan Jett often it seems, that's an easy comparison. How do you take that?

"If my voice is lower range and reminds a little I guess that's why. And also being another female with a guitar singing. I think there's only a tiny amount that even sounds like Blackhearts in there but I appreciate the kind comparison. She's one of a kind. But, I have a huge amount of bands in me that probably isn't her cuppa tea at all! I don't think Beatles had much an influence on her or many recent british guitar bands or loads of others that ring a bell for me, had done the same for her." 

There's a funk flavor sometimes in the songs on the new album, what's that from do you think ?

"Probably the easy answer is Prince, most of his albums up to Sign O the Times, I got a piss ton out of. I learned alot from him as a songwriter, arranger, producer and guitar player. That being said, no, I don't think It sounds much like Prince obviously, but who can but him. I'm me and just want to make music that fires me up and hopefully does the same to anyone who cares to listen. Again, I could go on saying the same of Bowie and others but I'd think its obvious any influence doesn't mean you think you sound exactly as these people do, it means they inspired your ideas and your music is colored with all you are and the other people you create it with. So listen up if you like but don't be fooled it may not sound like them to you at all but it will sound well fired up, at least." 

Don't you think people would be happy you like some of the best bands ever and would realize you don't think you sound like them?

"Yes, but music is a sensitive subject and people get protective of what they love. I do also. I just don't like a closed mindedness but ok that's not my problem its theirs I guess. They miss out then." 

What do you say Seeking 7 sounds like then? What genre?

"Rock n roll. We are guitar based music made in an indie way so I don't like to confine before its heard. Just listen and you decide, matey." 

Are you a Boston band? 

"We are from New England; me, Jeff and Sean are from there and Rose is from Berlin, Germany. 
Someone may call us that because we started out playing in and around Boston and still play occasionally there of course. That does not mean I think we are better than to call ourselves that. It means I appreciate everyone who's came to see our shows there and I appreciate all the good music I seen there and the quality bands we played shows with there and the cool people that helped us to do that." 

Are you a London or Germany based band then? 

"We are from these places but not based only in any one. I think London we fit best in, they made us feel welcome and at home there. I get loads of inspiration from just being there, maybe because most of my faves are from there or England too." 

What would you say to get people to come see you playing a show or listen to the album?

"I wish I had " thee magic words" to make a million people check us out but, If you like guitar based rock music with catchy songs and unexpected twists and turns then maybe we are worth your while. We could be one of your new fave bands that you haven't heard of yet." 

Could be, listen up folks http://www.seeking7.com/ . Ok, why is the album called, The Unicorn? 

"I could say it means someone beautiful and rare, and often misunderstood. Or I can say the first song, "Unicorn Dream" is based on a true story of a crazy weekend me and Rose (Dewitt, the piano/vocals ) had in Montreux at a castle her brother's friend worked at. We stood there and the sketchy owners who possibly were mafia, and the russian gypsy girl oh all the stuff is true in the song! (Laughing) we had a blast there." 

What fires you up about music? 

"Creating, songwriting and playing live and the studio; frak all of it! I love finding new bands that are full of 
Fire for what they are doing, and are guitar based. I find so many different kinds of guitar based rock in the UK that interests me. I tell you what I despise is apathy, its a waste of energy. Quality music is alive and well if you know where to look for it. 
It's as important now as ever. Some people are like, "who cares? All the best bands are gone, what's the point?" And I'm like that's exactly why you should care, we need to see what new quality bands are out there and enjoy what they have to share. Maybe all those "best bands" taught us to care or at least the ones I love did. Mick Jones said, "you just have to have new bands and that's what you've got. " Well, he was referring to The Clash at the time he said it in 77, but it is still true. I thank God for good music.. there is much negative out there and a good loud guitar tune with a backbeat that fires up your day is like food and water to me." 

You just played club and guerrilla style busker sets in Denmark, Berlin and Germany. Do you have anything else planned so we could see a show or two?

"We did a few songs at an art exhibit in Denmark and videoed that and shows in clubs in Berlin I will post on YouTube soon. Also, we are soon to begin making the next video for the next song. Shows in London and Boston and Germany will be shouted plenty to everyone ASAP at our http://www.seeking7.com/ showspage and http://www.Facebook.com/ stephiepeekaandtheseeking7 "

Do you prefer bar, club or busker guerrilla gigs?

"I like playing live and there's a thrill in all those settings that keeps you sharp and honestly into what you're doing and sharing it best you can. Whether its all 4 of us, ( Jeff Armstrong on thunderous drums, Sean McLaughlin on tasty bass and Rosedewitt on piano/ tremendous choir vocals on the album be sure to check out) or just 2 of us or just me, it all has to be best I can at that moment or I let myself down. Frak that." 

Ok so lets wrap it up. What do you need?

"I need apathetic, negative cynics to shove off. To be honest, on certain days I can be one of those too so I need that to shove off and do it less and less to hopefully, not anymore! I need to laugh alot everyday. I need to smile everyday. I need to tell my mates I love them everyday. I need to listen to quality music everyday. I need to play my guitar and sing everyday. I need to have some tea and chokky everyday. I need to enjoy life everyday. Is that enough banging on and on?!!!" 

Haha yes! Cheers and thanks, Stephie. New England/Germany from, they are good ol' England at heart and worth a listen. Seeking 7 underground tube sign stopping at a club, bar or street near you, keep your eyes out and don't miss them. 
Kleine Birken




"I believe in The Unicorn!!!" Stef’s Brownies -London, UK

"New album by Steph Peeka and the Seeking 7!!! Check it out! They are the REAL deal!!" Poet Billy Lamont -NY, USA

"Mine’s on it’s way!" Ian TurboBarber -London, UK

llLyn wrote: “Rock on, Stephie Peeka!! 3rd album??? Wow, that’sWICKED awesome!! Love the artwork and all the places you can get it from! Worldwide, indeed!! Boston Pride, for sure!”-Boston USA

Cristian wrote: “saludos desde chile escuchare más suerte,  very good your band " -Argentina

Gerrard wrote: “And…yr ah rock n ROLL star..:-) x” -Scotland

Shaking wrote: “CONGRATULATIONS! It will soon be ours :-)” -Germany

 Listening to Seeking 7.
And that London is bloody brilliant !! x

"Fierce alt rock happening with groove baby Seeking 7- Stephie Peeka‘s griity femme pop punk vehicle returns…somewhere between Blondie and Transvision Vamp." 
London UK


UK music blog soundtrack4life: "The stand out tracks for me were ‘Believe’ (I watched a live video of this one on You Tube and it was very Banshees like) and ‘Sea the Best’. If you like your music to be just on the right side of peculiar then this is an album worth checking out." http://soundtrack4life-doogemeister.blogspot.co.uk/2014/05/the-unicorn-stephie-peeka-and-seeking-7.html 

Stephie’s new Interview with Doug Watson/Soundtrack

Monday, 17 March 2014

The S4L Interview: Stephie Peeka and The Seeking 7 - The Girl Can Rock! "I feel very honored to be welcomed in London at these clubs that are rich in rock n roll history. Just kind, cool people that treat you with respect and because they are such a place, they have people that just go to the clubs knowing they will see good live music of all types and don't need to know the bands but discover them then performing live. Its all about kindness and respect. London is like this which is why I feel Seeking 7 is kindred to London". 





No Bullshite Rock and Roll Records
Inside the Big Picture
16-song CD

I know that bar rock means a hundred things to a hundred people, but what I mean by it here is that I picture this three-piece starting their set in a crowded, noisy bar, where the hipper-than-thou are trying to figure out how to drink a beer with both arms crossed over their chests, but are then forced to take notice of the music and remember why they’re in a bar that has live music instead of a bar filled with mirrors.

Stephie Peeka is a multi-tasker extraordinaire–she handles all the vocals and guitars here, as well as keys and assorted other sound-making. She has a voice that I’m willing to bet soars out of a P.A. and right through crowd-noise.

Oh, it’s clever enough to be more than just pop rock, and the louder I play it, the better (Stephie’s no slouch on guitar).
(Tim Emswiler)


Loved this CD!!! Rock on.

Reviewer: Kendall
This CD is awesome! I totally LOVE Freedom, and the whole sound has sort of an 80's-vibe to it.

Your voice is really unique and i get the songs stuck in my head a lot!
Congrats on a job well done

Original Cover Design Front/Back. (below)
Check out the 2nd pressing/cover design currently available on
RECOGNIZE Records on the cd page!

Issue 85 July/August 2004

Seeking 7

I guess there are two of them on this CD though there are three folks on the back cover of the CD.
No worries. Steph plays all the guitars and bass, does all the singing, and wrote ‘em all.
Impressive, eh? Well I think so. It’s surely rocky stuff and she’s not a bad songwriter.
The drummer lays down a solid groove and I’m liking the guitar bitz on songs like
“Perfect Timing” with her angry harmonies and tough delivery.
They’re out gigging here and there according to the enclosed info sheet, might be
a fun listen. Toon list: “Something Here” with its cool guitar lick, “See Love,”
“Eye of the Beholder” and sporting the best groove of the
CD is “Sea Dream” down in slot number nine. Go get ‘em.
- L.A. Joe

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